Mini-blogs revamped!

  13-08-2015  —    264 people like this

We upgraded the styling on the “Mini-blogs” & to make them work and feel more like the Featurekit plugin itself.

You can view an example of our Dev blog here. Once you set your site name in the settings, your “Mini-blog” will be created automatically at http://<your-site-name>.featurekit.co/.

Hope you're enjoying Featurekit so far! Let us know if there is anything else you would like to see!

Added Inline Commenting

  05-08-2015  —    258 people like this

Today we moved commenting into the notification itself to make it even easier for users to give feedback on your new features. This also gives us some time to polish the "miniblog" feature a bit more. Hope you enjoy!

“Mini Feature Blogs” have launched!

  04-08-2015  —    262 people like this


Now, when you post a feature, it automatically creates an entry in your “feature blog”. This facilitates discussion & voting on each additional feature (without cluttering up your app). New features include:

  • Miniature Blog of your last 20 features
  • Commenting on each new feature
  • The ability to like or dislike a feature (anonymously)
We hope this helps you communicate more effectively with your community! Let us know if you have any feedback!

Added a Getting Started Guide

  02-08-2015  —    274 people like this

We just created a getting started guide to help new users get up to speed during the onboarding process, without wasting your time. Hope you find it helpful!

It is now possible to update posts

  01-08-2015  —    265 people like this

It is now possible to update previously-published posts by selecting them from the UI. Enjoy!

You can now delete posts!

  01-08-2015  —    281 people like this

Small update, added the ability to delete posts. Hope you enjoy it!

Added Rich Text Support & a WYSIWYG Editor!

  01-08-2015  —    299 people like this

Rich Text Support

Just added rich text support (via a WYSIWYG editor). Hope you like it!

  • Full WYSIWYG editing experience
  • Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough
  • Links
  • Images (URL only, no option to upload)
  • Unordered Lists (bullets)
  • Ordered Lists (1. 2. 3.)
  • Basic text formatting

Featurekit MVP complete!

  01-08-2015  —    317 people like this

We finished up a very minimal MVP of Featurekit. This includes Account functions, Generating the embed script, posting new features, & minimal hardening to the HTML/CSS/JS that makes Featurekit work on your site. Enjoy!